Hierarchy and Wolves of The Pack

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Hierarchy and Wolves of The Pack

Post by Nyx on Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:25 am

(Blue is female, red is male)
Traditionally, Silver Mists had a more diverse collection of ranks than almost any other pack. We had a team of hunters, guardians, and sentinals, each with a Head, and beneath the Betas, there were two Gammas, always on standby to take over in case of an upper rank change. Most pack affairs were handled by majority vote with the whole pack, but certain issues were decided upon by council only. The Council included the Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Elders, and Heads of each “department.” The pack also had a Shaman or pack healer, LoreKeeper, Caretaker, Omega, and pledges, who weren’t quite certain about assessment yet. Because we are starting over, we have opted to whittle down our hierarchy to bare necessities for now. As more wolves join us, we will add new ranks as the pack votes to approve them. If you would like to read more about our original hierarchy, please click http://adsomneum.com/silvermists/hierarchy-origins/


Malkoei Tueor-Amarante Evernight (Born in 2011)

Indica Tueor-Amarante (Born in 2011)

These two wolves, the pack role models and leaders, have the final say in all things. Their word is law, always to be respected. They have the authority to do anything that is not prohibited by the rules, and they enforce rules and punishments, solve disputes between members, and generally keep pack life running smoothly. The alphas must agree on any changes, whether it be a rule change or approving an assessment.


Ceridwen Amarante (Born in 2011)


These two wolves are second-in-command to the Alphas and are to be equally respected. They have all of the same priveleges and duties as Alphas and are acting Alphas whenever the Alphas are not present.


These are packmates older than six years who act as mentors and counselors for the entire pack; they listen and give advice, keeping all matters confidential. They teach the pack and the pups through stories. Their opinions are highly respected because of their experience and wisdom. They are exempt from hunting and fighting, and the care of all pups is placed in their paws during hunts or when/if the pack comes under attack.


Nyx Tueor-Amarante Evernight (born 2014),

These “unranked” wolves of all ages, including pups, are the backbone of the pack. All packmates over a year old are expected to hunt, scout, greet visitors, pupsit, attend and sometimes host meetings, and defend our territory and each other. Any packmate interested in holding an official role should approach a ranked member to describe the title and duties they would like to take on, and it will be taken under consideration. Former packmates, who are now lone wolves or members of other packs, will be given the same respect and priveleges as current packmates.


These wolves are both being assessed by the pack and assessing the pack themselves to decide if they are the right fit. Assessment time frame will vary and will be based on how long it takes the pack to get to know a new wolf, trust them, and accept them as family. They are not official packmates but are still granted the same priveleges and expected to help out with the same duties. Honored Guests are visitors that we trust and are given the same standing as assessments.

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