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Pack Terms

Post by Nyx on Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:39 pm

The Silver Mists originally followed a long Pack Code, pages and pages long. It was practically a constitution. While we want to stick to our old traditions, we felt with this reincarnation of the pack, we ought to shorten our rules to make them easier for newcomers to understand and follow. These rules are subject to change at any time, and if you would like to see the original Pack Code, feel free to click here.

Channel Rules

1. Be kind to others. Common courtesy goes a long way. Don’t be mean, and if the topic offends someone, move on. We reserve the right to kick you if you have an attitude problem. OOC arguing is not permitted.

2. IC and OOC are seperate realms. Remember that in your interactions. Remember OOC chatter goes in (brackets) in our RP room, #wolfmist. Our OOC room is #wolfmist_ooc.

3. Advertising, excessive zooming or away/mp3 msgs, flooding, arguing, member poaching, threats, name-calling & other distracting/rude/annoying behaviors are not permitted.

4. This is a nature-based semi-realistic RPG. All characters must be realistic with no abnormally colored fur or eyes or unusual sizes or magic powers, and characters must behave as wolves do. If a wolf can’t do it, neither can you. If a wolf couldn’t be born in the wild that way, neither can you. Animals besides wolves are allowed in the clearing, but their safety is not guaranteed.

5. There are no minimum or maximum post-size requirements, but we do encourage posts to be descriptive and carefully thought out. We’re telling a story here–our story!

6. There is no age limit, but be aware adult subjects may come up (probably frequently) when OOC.

7. No Godmoding. If you’re not familiar with this phrase, it means that your character cannot be invincible or kill someone in one blow. You may roleplay your character’s actions only; you do not roleplay another character’s reactions, as that is for them to decide.

Pack Rules

1. Loyalty is the highest law. Packmates will not have characters in any other IRC packs.

2. Respect your superiors, and treat your fellow packmates with love.

3. There will be two meetings a month. If you can’t attend at least one, please let us know why. To ensure meetings and lore nights run smoothly, please do not speak out of turn. All packmates will be given the opportunity to host meetings and lore nights; we will try to alternate so that everyone gets a chance to do this.

4. Packmates must be two years old to hold rank and ten months old to hunt large game with the pack.

5. All packmates have a vote in pack affairs; voting will be anonymous.

6. Please try to show up and RP at least a couple times a week when possible. We’re not going to ride you about your activity because we have real lives, too-–but make an effort.

7. Packmates that are older than a year are required to hunt, scout, greet visitors, defend the clearing, help care for pups, and generally be productive within the pack. We may later appoint specific persons to be in charge of certain tasks, adding to our hierarchy, but for now it seems unnecessary.

8. We are wild animals, and as such, we understand that the roleplay will not always be peaceful and vanilla. It would be boring and unrealistic for personalities never to clash, so we do allow scuffles and brief in-character “arguments,” provided they are not based on OOC frustrations, disrupting the roleplay for others, endangering pups and the pack, or otherwise making the session unenjoyable to others.

9. Because this is a RPG, and character diversity makes the game more interesting, we will allow members to play two characters within the pack, who may each hold rank. If the pack grows, we may go back to requiring that only a pup may be roleplayed as a secondary character, but as we’re still small, we see no harm in it for now.

Hunting Rules

1. Keep the hunting realistic. For example, a single wolf would probably not be able to take down large game, and wolves often target injured, weak or sick animals.

2. We do not take more than what we need from the forest, and we kill our prey with as little brutality possible.

3. We howl after hunts to honor and thank the animal for their sacrifice as well as to celebrate their life, mourn their death, and wish them well in the next world.

4. Pups, wounded, and the elderly will eat first. Pups may accompany the pack on hunts and hunt small game at three months; at ten months they have full hunting rights.

5. It is customary to offer the heart of the kill in a show of respect for the Alpha. Customary, not mandatory.

6. It is everyone’s duty to hunt and any packmate may call a hunt.

Mating & Courting

1. Wolves must be a year-old to court and two to mate and may not mate outside of the pack. Like assessment, courtship timeframes will vary with each couple.

2. Wolves must have permission from the pack to begin courting, become mates, or breed.

3. Packmates are responsible for finding players for their litters. Pups without characters must be killed off by the age of two months.

4. Please keep the breeding realistic. Litters are usually 1-7 pups, and pregnancy lasts around 65 days. Wolves usually breed in the fall/winter & give birth in the spring/summer.

5. If you insist on roleplaying the actual act of breeding or giving birth, do it somewhere private.

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