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What We Are

Post by Nyx on Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:45 am

The home of the LEGENDARY Silver Mists.  Once forgotten with the passing of time, re-born by a handful of originals! The Silver Mists formed originally in 2001 and has disbanded then regrouped several times since then, refusing to die. Though we know we will probably never live up to the image of Silver Mists in its heyday, we are happy to be back together again, however long it lasts. We aim to revive traditions that should never have been abandoned and provide an alternative for those who feel they do not belong in other packs or are simply seeking something new and different. We encourage you to visit us and hopefully even join us. This is our home, and it would honor us if it became yours as well.

We are a nature-based wolfpack roleplaying-game located on SorceryNet in #wolfmist and #wolfmist_OOC. You can reach us via any IRC client, such as mIRC, or through our webchat feature linked above. We prefer a free-form posting style, although we use a posting order and dice rolls during hunts. It’s kind of like pen-and-paper Dungeons & Dragons, with keyboards instead of notebooks, bots instead of dice, and wolves instead of wizards. We live in a clearing beside a river on a huge island called Mysticia, constantly changing positions on the globe and connected to other realms via a sandbar that can appear at low tide on any shore, the only bit of magic in our otherwise realistic game.

Wolf roleplay started out on DALnet around 1996, perhaps even sooner, and moved to Sorcery in the early 2000s, not long after the birth of our pack. In the beginning, it wasn’t treated as a literal RPG with out-of-character chat in a seperate room; each pack was a group of human friends, who interacted as wolves while also discussing their “hooman’s” lives. The Silver Mists do not keep exactly to that tradition, as we keep IC and OOC seperate, but you will observe us bonding as much as humans in our OOC room as our characters do in the clearing. First and foremost we are friends, family, and that will always come before the “game.”

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